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 Jasmine women ... who are we?

The Jasmine Women includes thousands of women in the Arab world, Turkey, and Arab communities residing in the European Union and America. It also includes women who are marginalized and out of support, women craftsmen, and those with professions and professionalism.

 Among the goals of the institution: -

>> Empowering women economically and socially through productive workshops, bazaars, exhibitions, and the online store, Jasmine Women, which in turn markets and distributes their products in the local and foreign markets.

>> Development of the family through the economic empowerment of women in the distribution and marketing of their products through the local and foreign markets and the assimilation of all their household products from dairy, cheese, pickles and jams and giving them the enterprise code within a brand and their distribution and marketing to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, commercial and charitable institutions in the local and foreign markets.

>> Granting courses and training courses for women who do not have any profession to make them an effective economic component of the family.

 The International Jasmine Women’s Store, the International Jasmine Women’s Kitchen, the bazaars and fairs of the Jasmine Women’s and many programs aimed at empowering women are launched from the Jasmine Women Foundation.

A professional cadre of Jasmine women is formed from the Foundation to carry out any of the activities and activities that are launched in the local and foreign markets.

 ● The privileges and features offered to women from:

1- Participating in bazaars to display their household products.

2- Women have the right to participate in their work and products in the international store Jasmine Women, so that their products will be marketed and sold in various countries of the world through direct purchase with a credit card.

3- Women skilled in food are entitled to join the Jasmine Women International Kitchen, the first of its kind in the world.

4- Take advantage of the logistical services provided by the association, which is the distribution of home-made food products to women and the issuance of the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health in all countries and coordination with civil institutions to market and distribute their products in the local and international market.

5- Participating in professional courses and human development courses, whether on the ground or online, and obtaining approved certificates that qualify them to work in the corporate sector.

6- Benefiting from the Jasmine Women Scholarship for social events among the affiliates.

7- Participation in the Association's Employment and Experience Employment Office to meet the local and international market requirements of various businesses and professions.

8- Affiliates benefit from in-kind donations, aid and parcels from donors, if any.

 ● In addition, many production projects, production lines, distribution and marketing of women’s products, concessions and targeted programs will be announced soon and on an ongoing basis.

 ● For communication and inquiries: -

General Manager / Dr. Lana Al-Mansour +90 535 072 29 94

Administration for general / +90 552 533 58 58 75


Address: Türkiye - Beylikdüzü No7 Comhuriyet mh

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